Rodney Ohebsion

Inspirational Athletes

Featuring Original Illustrations by Thomas Mesenbring Field

Get ready to go on an amazing journey alongside thirty-five of the most remarkable and unique athletes and teams in sports history—athletes and teams who reached extraordinary heights, and whose stories exemplify more than just athletic excellence — they also exemplify human excellence, and are a testament to what a person’s well-directed love, passion, insatiability, and accumulated experience can create in any walk of life.

Sports, however, is something that is in its own right a unique and even vital part of the human experience: a form of dynamic artistic self-expression so dear to mankind, that it has grown in popularity even in an era where technology seems to be the key theme.

This book compiles a variety of individual and team true life stories about some of the most incredible athletes the world of sports has to offer—from household names, to those who are not so well known; and from athletes of decades past, to those who are still playing professionally.

These are stories that anyone will be sure to appreciate time and time again; and ones that are indeed inspirational, as well as elevating, exciting, exhilarating, touching, motivating, informing, and illuminating. In fact, I’ll bet you will consider all these words to be major understatements after reading the chapters that follow.

Jerry Rice
Aimee Mullins
Jim Abbott
Jackie Robinson
Tiger Woods
Bob Wieland
Joe Montana
Kassidi Bishop
Glenn Cunningham
Nancy Lieberman
James Buster Douglas
Rocky Bleier
Lance Armstrong by Shane M. Dayton
Muggsy Bogues
Rocky Marciano
John Dykstra
George Foreman
Kurt Warner
Pete Rose
Erik Weihenmayer
Martina Navratilova by Fiona Condron
Wilma Rudolph by Graciela Sholander
Michael Jordan
The 2002 Anaheim Angels by Jamie L. Rankin
The 2004 Boston Red Sox by Dawn Dugan

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