Bhutan is a small country between China and India, and contains part of the Himalayan Mountains. Most people in the county are Tibetan, Nepalese, or Assamese. The country has been secluded for much of its history due to its location that is filled with mountains and forests. The British influenced the area beginning in the 1800s, and was replaced by India in the mid 1900s. The country still has strong ties with India.

Bhutan themes include Buddhism (including Tibetan Buddhism), agricultural exporting to India, modernization efforts, cultural variety, rice, chilies, potatoes, art, architecture, craftwork, and Hinduism.

Bhutanese Proverbs

If the thought is good, place and path are good; if the thought is bad, place and path are bad.

Whatever joy you seek, it can be found by yourself; whatever misery you seek, it can be found by yourself.

On the battlefield, there is no distinction between upper and lower class.

You must first walk around a little before you can understand the distance from the valley to the mountain.