Crow Indians

Crow Proverbs

People’s eyes say words that the tongue cannot pronounce.

Stand in the light when you want to assert yourself.

The laws of man change, but the laws of the spirit stay the same.

You already have everything needed to become great.

Crow Quote

Shes His

The earth you see is not just earth—it contains the blood, flesh, and bones of our ancestors… It is consecrated.

Native American Wisdom

The Crow used to be farmers that were part of the Hidatsa tribe living in North Dakota. In the early 1700s, they moved west and became travelers who lived in teepees and followed herds of buffalo. They also became successful traders of horses, bows, shirts, and feather items.

The Crow believed in supernatural visions that were triggered by fasting in isolation, and agonizing one’s body with skewers. They also performed many elaborate tobacco-related ceremonies.

The Crow were frequently at war with neighboring tribes, but were friendly with white settlers and soldiers. In 1825, they signed a friendship treaty with the US government, and beginning in 1851, the US government established the Crow reservation through another series of treaties.

About 5,000 current day Crow tribe members live on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. Modern day Crow often operate through a tribal council, and participate in many traditional ceremonies.