Omaha Proverbs

Ask questions from your heart, and you will receive answers from your heart.

Dreams are wiser than men.

It is easy to show braveness from a safe distance.

The clear sky and the green fruitful Earth are good; but peace among men is better.

Misfortune happens even to the wisest and best men.

Native American Wisdom

The Omaha used to live in the Ohio River Valley along with ancestors from other Native American tribes. The Omaha later separated from other groups, and around 1700 they moved to Nebraska. In their seasonal lives, they planted crops in the spring, moved west and hunted buffalo in the summer, returned to their village with dried buffalo meat and also harvested their crops in the fall, and then hunted deer in the winter. They also lived with an elaborate social organization.

The Omaha currently live primarily in Nebraska and Iowa. The city of Omaha is named after them.